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giveBeauty Announces Agreement with the Professional Beauty Association

New gift card service named approved benefit provider by leading business resource for salon and spa owners.

giveBeauty Inc. proudly announces that the new beauty gift card service has entered into an agreement with The Salon Association (TSA), a division of the Professionl Beauty Association, to offer significant member benefits such as a reduced joining fee to the giveBeauty network.

"The new partnership with the giveBeauty network is the Association's most recent effort to provide its nationwide membership of salons and spas with innovative opportunities for improving their business success," said TSA's Managing Director, Jill Kohler.

The recent naming of giveBeauty as an approved benefit provider is representative of TSA's commitment to providing members with valuable and cost-effective benefits and services, and its unrivaled pledge to helping create more profitable, productive and professional salon environments.

"giveBeauty is honored to partner with TSA, the premier business resource for salon owners, because we share the vision of empowering salons and spas to make their businesses - and the industry - more successful," said giveBeauty CEO Joan Beeson Healy. "TSA is the authority in the salon industry and we are privileged to collaborate to support their efforts to raise industry standards and push the boundaries of technological innovation to improve the business climate for salon owners."

About giveBeauty

giveBeauty was formed to make gift giving a more pleasant and realistic experience for everyone involved. giveBeauty is a web site,, the giveBeauty gift card and a national network of beauty salons, spas, masseuses, estheticians, yoga and pilates studios, dermatologists and other beauty product/service providers working together to be the best answer for people who want to give and receive a gift of beauty. Visit for further information.

About The Salon Association

Founded in 1996, TSA is a non-profit organization representing 7,000 employment-based salons and spas across the United States and Canada. Their workforce includes more than 50,000 professionals who welcome 75,000,000 clients each year. A proud division of the Professional Beauty Association, TSA is the industry's leading business resource for salon and spa owners.

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