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giveBeauty Gift Card Service Debuts at DigitalLife technology and entertainment event in New York City, October 14-17

October 14, 2004 (New York City, NY) - giveBeauty, Inc. announces the official launch of the one and only beauty gift card recognized by beauty service providers nationwide at the DigitalLife event from October 14-17. An exclusive preview of the giveBeauty card and service is available for members of the media on October 14, from 10:30am - 7:00pm at booth number 2016 at the Jacob Javits Convention Center.

giveBeauty is a web site,, the giveBeauty gift card and a national network of beauty salons, spas, masseuses, estheticians, yoga and pilates studios, dermatologists and other beauty product/service providers working together to be the best answer for people who want to give and receive a gift of beauty. Users sign on to to search the national giveBeauty network of member merchants, buy a giveBeauty card, and sign up for gift reminders.

"giveBeauty was formed to make gift giving a more pleasant and realistic experience for everyone involved," said giveBeauty founder and CEO Joan Beeson Healy. The giveBeauty philosophy also encourages the betterment of women by working with charities that specifically help women and their families. Meet one benefiting charity, Dress for Success, at the giveBeauty DigitalLife booth.

A non-stop celebration of digital culture, DigitalLife is a fitting setting for the giveBeauty debut. "giveBeauty harnesses the power of sophisticated and innovative computer technologies to streamline the the gift-giving process," said Beeson Healy. "In keeping with the DigitalLife event tagline, giveBeauty helps consumers of beauty services and products - for themselves or for others - 'Get More Out of Technology. Get More Out of Life.'"

DigitalLife is a first of its kind consumer technology and entertainment event showcasing the latest in all things digital.

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