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Attendees of the Opening Night Gala for La Femme Film Festival are in for a Special Party Favor

May 20, 2005 (LOS ANGELES, CA) - LA Femme announced today that the attendees of their Opening Night Gala are in for a very special gift bag. In keeping with their mission of empowering women in the film industry, they will be handing out gift bags to all attendees featuring products from women owned and operated companies. For the first time, instead of the typical “swag”, everyone attending this year’s awards show will receive an elegant gift bag chock full of wonderfully unique products that represent the talents of women designers and manufacturers from around the country. The film festival will be held at the LA Center Studios in downtown Los Angeles, May 27th – 29th, 2005 and the opening night gala will be held poolside at the world famous Comedy Store in Hollywood on May 26th.

For years attendees at various film festivals have been receiving the proverbial swag bag of products. The LA Film Festival organizers are bound and determined to give attendees something different. Upscale goodie bags have become a standard part of every high-end event, from awards shows to sports events, from charity events to private dinner parties. What makes these bags so unique is the focus on women.

“We are thrilled to be able to offer all of the opening night attendees of the first year of the LA Femme Film Festival a wonderful memento from the evening”, said Leslie LaPage, President and Founder for LA Femme. “LA Femme is all about the empowerment of women and we want everything in this year’s event to reflect that mission. We can’t wait for everyone who’s attending to see what’s in store for them!”

The gift bags will be filled with wonderful products that represent the talents of women from around the country. Grandma Frieda Solomon’s homemade cookie recipes are baked into every delicious bite of Solomon’s Gourmet Cookies and each attendee, celebrity panelist and honoree will get a beautiful black box filled with her treats. Universal music has included music CDs featuring music from some of the best in female artists. Hip CD stickers from International Arrivals will allow attendees to label and customize their CD collection in true style. Jessica Lindy, owner of Jessica’s Bliss, has provided her very special and soothing brown sugar soufflé scrubs for each attendee. Award-winning “Stiletto Style” note cards will be featured by ORIGINAL IMAGINATION, INC. All of these fabulous products will be given to the attendees inside a lovely straw Starfish beach tote by Judith Peters The gift bags for this year’s LA Femme Film Festival are truly going to be unforgettable. The fact that women own all of these companies featured in the bags makes them the fitting gift for this event that’s all about empowering women to be the best that they can be.

The celebrity panelists and honorees for the film festival will be receiving some additional goodies in their bags. A gift card for beauty/spa pampering services is being supplied by giveBeauty Jewelry designer Heidi Hale is giving each celebrity a fresh water pearl lariat necklace. Beautiful hand painted martini glasses and shakers will be given by Sol Chicks to all of the celebrities. To help celebrities achieve balance in their stress filled lives, The Inner Realm and TYBRO Publications and are supplying their Words of Power Packages. Jessica’s Bliss will be providing brown sugar soufflé scrubs and vanilla body butter for pampering on the outside. Hip CD travel cases will be provided for each of the celebrities by International Arrivals Fabulous handmade belts by Preppy Potato will be featured in the celebrity bags. Thanks to Linell Ellis, the celebrity honorees will carry all of their gifts home in one of her lovely Lynn Beach Totes while the panelists will enjoy one of her luxurious cosmetic bags. Junk Gypsy t-shirts will be given to the panelists and they will carry their gifts home in a beautiful Kathy Fagan tote bag. Designer Lisa Wilson will provide each of the honorees with her one-of-a-kind cigar box purses. Fabulous mirror image t-shirts from will find their way home in the honoree bags. A piece of custom designed jewelry by jewelry designer Maria de la Luz will be given to each of the honorees. And a select few will receive a handmade vase adorned with mosaic stained glass from artist Nathalie I All of the gifts for the celebrity panelists and honorees are given by companies owned and operated by women.

About La Femme Film Festival
LA Femme Film Festival, a Division of La Femme Inc., platforms female artists in the entertainment community as Producers, Directors and Writers. This festival is about empowering females who desire to create commercially viable product in media entertainment or desiring to cross over into one of the above creative fields.

About It’s In The Bag
It’s In The Bag is a product placement and marketing company dedicated to creating gift bags full of luxury products for high profile private, non-profit and corporate events.

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Gaye Jacobs 310 403 5555

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