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The giveBeauty gift card makes giving the gift of beauty a pleasure for everyone. Simply purchase a giveBeauty card using a major credit card, and we'll send the card off to you or someone you love. The giveBeauty gift card is honored for health and beauty services and products at participating members that are listed in the giveBeauty network. You will find a wide variety of beauty professionals listed - from hair and nail salons, to day spas, retreats, medical estheticians, dermatologists, wellness centers, even yoga and Pilates studios.

The value that you put on the giveBeauty card is exactly what the recipient gets, we never charge activation fees, usage or non-usage fees and the card has no expiration date. Once activated, giveBeauty cards can be reloaded via the web site and by phone. If, for any reason there is a problem with using the card, call customer care at 866-774-4483.


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