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Joan Beeson Healy

An 18-year marketing communications professional and marketing executive, Joan has worked with top names in the hi-tech industry including Corporate Software, Lotus, EarthWeb, Progress Software, IDG, McGraw Hill, etc. Joan has worked both in-house and on the agency side, creating successful brands and marketing programs for high-tech start-ups, and was instrumental in creating the brand of one of the 90's most successful IPOs, EarthWeb. A recipient of several awards for advertising and marketing campaigns, Joan was most recently VP of Marketing at Syntrex.

A mother of seven children, Joan conceived the idea for giveBeauty as the solution to personalized gift giving for today's busy individual. giveBeauty represents Joan's combined interest in the beauty & fashion industries and how emerging technologies enhance everyday productivity. The betterment of women through the company's corporate philosophy and charitable component is a chief objective of giveBeauty.


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