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The Sun, Scars & My Big Day

So everyone has read Diane's story of The Skin Spa and can't wait to try the Laser Genesis Facial, right? Well there's more to tell. So listen up brides and sun goddesses.

Yes, I am only 28-years old, but I justified the Genesis by telling Thomas and Lilliya, " I know I'm too young, but I'm getting married." It's true, a June wedding for your resident giveBeauty make-up artist.

Of course, I take great care of my skin now, but up until 4 years ago the sun was my best friend. I never cared about sun damage or wrinkles until the day I took a good look in the mirror and the evidence was staring back at me -- lines and sun spots!

I needed this treatment and I needed it badly! I had acne scarring (probably from when I was 12) and broken capillaries (sun damage). A broken capillary is a blood vessel that breaks under the skin (a cut that doesn't bleed), is red and can look like a pimple. They can also appear if you scrub the skin too hard. I had one broken capillary that was huge and I was resigned that it would probably never go away.

The treatment is extremely relaxing and Lilliya's touch is very soothing, as she guides you through each step. The Laser Genesis Facial is effective in clearing active acne and acne scarring. It is FDA Approved for the treatment of wrinkles and rosacea.

A few days after the treatment I examined my skin with a magnifying mirror and my trained, very critical eye. I immediately noticed that the big red broken capillary was gone! My skin is glowing and beautiful. It feels firmer, my pores even feel tighter. My skin tone is even, that layer of dry, tired, bad skin is gone and my makeup application is easier.

Thomas and Lilliya suggest about six months of treatments, a series of 6 treatments every three weeks to achieve maximum and long-lasting results. As Diane mentioned, if you buy a package, the sixth is free.

I can't wait until everyone sees my skin (oh, and the dress too!). Brides and moms of brides, get in line behind me for your facial!


Use your giveBeauty gift card at The Skin Spa for the Laser Genesis Facial or at any of the fabulous places in our network for the treatment of your choice. Buy a giveBeauty card today for someone you love!


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