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Five tools for a better shave and healthier skin

This one is for all you guys looking for great shaving products that actually improve your skin, and all you girls that dip into your boys' shaving products.

I would've loved to shave with the products myself but that wouldn't be fair. I handed them over to Joe my fiancé. When he first saw the products he was extremely excited (I turned him into a product junkie like the rest of us). He couldn't wait to get to the sink and shave his thick, coarse beard. As I patiently awaited his review, my nose drew to me to the bathroom to check out the super scent that was in the air. The products truly smell fabulous.

As Joe stepped out of the bathroom looking exceptionally clean he let out a sigh. AHHHH.

Joe tells me about the products for about ten minutes. Typical man, short and to the point. No fluff... just like the products.

"I love the Hair Raising Brush. It works really well with the Original Pink (25% of the profits from each sale will benefit cancer research) shaving cream, it lathers up like a soap and keeps my skin feeling moisturized and extremely smooth."

The Squeaky Clean daily cleanser is made with chamomile and lavender essential oils. It calms and soothes the skin all while you wash.

The products say, "Be a part of the newest old school trend in men's grooming," and that is completely how Joe felt, like he was in my grandfather's shaving kit. "I love the way my face feels." After a couple of days Joe started to notice his coarse beard was actually fun to shave. With these new products what product junkie wouldn't think it was fun?

Joe, can I try the a/MEN/ity products for my legs?

XO Chanté
Great gift idea for the holidays!


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